Compassionate Resources for the End-of-Life
Julie Smith is a hospice futurist who helps those involved in the end-of-life care to sense better ways to help the dying and their families and how to find deeper meaning and purpose in their work. 

As a harp practitioner and  hospice volunteer helping in the dying transition, she assists in the alchemical transformations occurring as people let go of their earthly life, helping families prepare for the passage of loved ones; integrating life’s past experiences to find new meaning and acceptance, and focusing on the celebration of life.

Julie helps to shape the attitudes of death from ones that are oftentimes wrought with confusion, fear, suffering, and pain, into an experience of transformation and transcendence, viewing death as one of the highest growth stages of life. 

With a background in counseling and music and experience with numerous alchemical transformations in her own life, she has personally learned first-hand the sometimes painful processes of transformation and change and knows the way through the different stages of death and ways to help honor and celebrate the life of each person.

As a teacher, coach, alchemist, and musician, Julie’s work in healthcare, education, and mental health brings a unique set of skills and awareness to end of life issues, helping to transform a challenging time into a transformational experience.